Friday, 6 November 2015

Make money small scale farming in Botswana, part 2

One of the greatest secrets of making money with a small scale farming enterprise, is to keep your overheads down and start producing produce as soon as possible. So lets take a brief look at how we can do just that. First of all,count the cost,this is just common sense yet it is amazing how many new farmers fail at this. So lets say as an example,farmer X wants to farm tomatoes. He should at the least do the following exercise. Costs Land what is the cost of the rent or if he owns the land what is the cost of the fencing or security Water what is the cost of water,this could include petrol for the pump Staff do i need staff? and how much will it cost me, Any expense should be included in his budget then since most crops take 90 days to harvest he should times his expected expenses by three months. That sum should be in the bank before even one seed is planted! So how to cut costs? Well one way to cut costs is to cut time! So how do we cut time? Well lets say our crops will take 90 days to harvest. You could cut a whole 30 days by planting your crops in seed trays at your house. That means that for your first month you can save on staff costs water costs at the farm and your crops will be much stronger when done in trays. Second we want to start making money as soon as possible so while we wait out our 90days for our main crop to mature.why not plant a second crop like rape, harvests in around 60 days and although it may not make as much money as your main crop it will help cover the costs.

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