Monday, 2 October 2017

How to Make Money Online in Botswana

Make money online South Africa and Botswana

Making money Online in South Africa and Botswana can be very difficult since most online money making sites are limited to the UK or USA, so i set out to discover the Top Sites to earn Money online in Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and even Zambia.

The first site I discovered is called PaidViewpoint , on this site you get paid to take survays, basically by answering questions you help them with market research and although when you first start you don't earn much per survay the more survays you complete the higher ratings you receive and thus the more money you make per survay, my first survay earnt me $00.88 and only took like five minutes.
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Friday, 29 September 2017

How to make money in Botswana

How to make money in Botswana

Botswana being a young and fast growing country has many opportunity's to make money both off an online! In order to identify opportunity's one should first take a look at small businesses in other countries that are doing well and see if it is possible to bring those idea's to botswana. For example in south Africa there are shark cage diving allowing people to dive with great white sharks, in Zambia and Zimbabwe they have crocodile cage diving....but Botswana still is yet to offer such an experience, now i am not saying you should start a crocodile diving safari in Botswana but rather this is but an example of how to look for opportunity's in Botswana.

With more and more people using facebook in Botswana the online world also offers opportunity's to make money in Botswana online. For example many are using Facebook groups to buy and sell new and second hand goods, one could buy electronic goods online from china and sell them on Botswana Facebook groups, or offer to sell other people's cars for a commission online also on Facebook groups, the same can be done with property, or even services.
You can also earn money by taking online survays you can read more about how you can do that at
How to make Money Online in Botswana

One of my personal favorite ways to make money in Botswana is farming, there are many opportunity's for the hard working farmer in Botswana, since most of Botswana's vegetables come from South Africa at high cost, farming vegetables in Botswana is an excellent way to make money in Botswana, you can read more about vegetable farming in Botswana HERE
Earn money by cabbage farming
Chicken farming is also a good way to make money in Botswana both for meat and for eggs, also raising pigs for pork are all good opportunity's to make money in Botswana.

Another popular way to earn more money in Botswana is tourism, if you have some land even if it is in the middle of nowhere perhaps you could think of opening a camp site, when one travels to places like Namibia one is surprised to see so many campsites but in Botswana there are only few and only in the tourism areas. Talking about Namibia in Namibia one see so many coffee shops and bakery's but apart from in Maun, in Botswana we don't find many coffee shops and caf├ęs, so they offer another opportunity to make money in Botswana!

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Why do tomato plant leaves curl? Vegetable farming Botswana

Why do leaves curl on tomato plants?

Tomato leaf curl can be caused by a variety of things, in Botswana red spider mite are often the problem, if you look at the under side of the leaf you will be able to see tiny red mites and often also see lots of spider webs too. Red spider mites often arrive on your farm by means of chicken manure, you can read more on that: Here

If you don’t see bugs on the underside of the leaves, it’could be that you have a fungus problem. You can tell if it’s a fungal problem by looking at the entire plant, especially the leaves. If the leaves are lighter in color than they should be for your variety of tomato, you probably have a viral or fungal infection. The same holds true if you have spotting on the leaves. New article on fungus coming soon will link it here,

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Watermelon farming, vegetable farming Botswana

When you think about growing watermelons in a hot climate like Botswana, your first thought will probably be "this is not going to work!" however when you research the origins of watermelons many a scientist will point out that watermelons come from the dry kalahari Desert! Even to this day one is still able to find many types of wild watermelons growing in the wilderness of Botswana.
Hence it should be no surprise that watermelons are a great crop to cultivate in Botswana and in most parts of south Africa,

Watermelons need a few things to grow

1. Watermelons need water, as there name suggests, you can't get a good sweet watermelon without proper watering, however that said, the rainy season in Botswana often provides plenty of water to grow beautiful sweet watermelons,

2. To grow good quality watermelons you need good quality soil, so add lots of cow manure and compost to your watermelon field you could also add some chicken manure but first read about the dangers of using chicken manure Here

3. Watermelons need warm weather, so the best time to plant them is late August to early September, remember that November and December there are plenty of watermelons on the market so to try and get into the market early, you need to plant as early as possible!

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to grow carrots, vegetable farming Botswana

Winter crop one, carrots

Ok so yesterday i posted a post talking about Our best winter garden, and on what grows best in winter, and one of the vegetable's i mentioned was carrots, so lets talk carrots!!

So carrots are not a difficult crop, they do need a little work especially in the beginning, however once they up and about a month old they really don't need much attention apart from regular watering and weeding.

One of the important things when growing carrots is to remember that at the end of the day a carrot is a root vegetable and the quality of your crop at harvest is going to depend on how good your soil and watering was,


When growing carrots you want a nice deep loose stone free soil you also don't want clay. You want your soil to be nice and sandy with a mix of about half sand half compost so that in the end your soil will been nice and soft allowing you to grow nice long and straight carrots and also your soil should be able to drain water nicely if the water sits in puddles with out drainig your carrots may split.


Carrot's need good watering otherwise they become bitter of course to much water can make the carrots crack.


In the first four weeks you will need to thin your carrots out to be about 3cm to 4cm apart.


If the weather is cold carrots can take up to 3 weeks to germinate so add a few radish seeds in your lines that way you will easily see your lines and as the radishes come up they make it easier for the more delicate carrot's to germinate.

Ok so thats carrots. Thanks for reading. Also one of you readers just dropped me a email with a few questions will get to it soon.

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Monday, 3 July 2017

The winter garden! Vegetable farming Botswan

The winter garden! Vegetable farming Botswana

From April to about August Botswana gets cold and at times we even get frost, so lets talk about what plants grow best in our cold months,
Generally when planning the winter garden you want to stay away from the more delicate plants such as tomatoes green peppers or for that matter any peppers.
For the most part winter is a time for cleaning the garden and preparing for the warmer weather, however winter is also great for lettuce and other leafy salad vegetables. And of course then there is your root vegetable's such as Carrots  potatos, beetroot all are great winter crops. And then there is also your leeks and onions.

I will be writing more on these winter crops and linking the articles back to this page in the following days so please check back soon and subscribe to the blog if you have not done so!
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Growing Green Peppers vegetable farming Botswana

Green peppers are really a great crop to grow in Botswana not only is there a very good market for green peppers but they also grow really well in Botswana because green peppers, well really any peppers need good hot weather to grow and thrive and thats basically Botswana weather year round apart from june july, of course peppers do need water especially when they are germinating, but apart from that you will find peppers to be very hardy and disease resistant, the plants can be a bit brittle and hence they do break easily they always benefit by being staked especially when they have fruit on them and the branches can no longer carry the weight

Green pepper