Saturday, 7 November 2015

Botswana Cabbage growing tips part 1

Farming cabbages in Botswana has it own set of rules. One of the greatest challenges to Botswana cabbage farmers is the heat. When it comes to growing cabbages a farmer wants plenty of sun light at least six hours yet he does not want extreme heat as this sucks the water out of the grownd leaving the cabbage field looking like a vegetable compost heap. So what's to be done about this? Well one thing you want to do is to slow down the amount of water that is lost by evaporation each day. So the more sandy the soil the quicker the water will evaporate so in order to slow this down, before a farmer plants out his crops about a month before he will inrich his field with as much organic mulch as possible, Some mulching ideas are....
Cow dung
Goat dung
Old leaves
Old grass cuttings
Elephant dung is great if you can find it ko kasane

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  1. hi boitumelo do you have any idea where can get those hydroponics for my tomatoes.....
    and hey as for cabbage what dieses do they encounter??

    1. Hi
      Thanks for your comment, and for following us. Cabbages are affected by quite a few Diseases and pests , birds worms and black rot, so i will write an article on this subject and post it here in the next day or so,
      Thanks again