Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Growing Green Peppers vegetable farming Botswana

Green peppers are really a great crop to grow in Botswana not only is there a very good market for green peppers but they also grow really well in Botswana because green peppers, well really any peppers need good hot weather to grow and thrive and thats basically Botswana weather year round apart from june july, of course peppers do need water especially when they are germinating, but apart from that you will find peppers to be very hardy and disease resistant, the plants can be a bit brittle and hence they do break easily they always benefit by being staked especially when they have fruit on them and the branches can no longer carry the weight

Green pepper

Drip irrigation the best watering method, farming Botswana

Recently i visited a farm where they just introduced drip irrigation, and i have to say i was amazed, the speed the crops grew was almost doubled in comparison to the sprinkler method that they were using before also there was way less water wasted. With a sprinkler method only a very small amount of water reachs the roots of the plant also water go,s all over the leaves of the crops which causes disease and rot, however with the drip method the water is directed right at the roots of the plant, hence using less water and preventing disease. Really if you can afford drip irrigation go for it, it is amazing, you will save water your crops will grow faster and you will have less disease,

Cabbage growing using drip irrigation