Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pawpaw - papaya Farming

Last year we Planted a few Pawpaw trees and already that's about 12 months later and they are in fruit
and on top of the quick growing time they also have a great market value. pawpaw trees can be grown from seeds taking from the fresh fruit and they grow very easily if the weather is warm.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tomato seedlings

Most tomato seeds take about a week to come up. however if the weather is cold it may take much longer. After the tomato seedlings appeared in the seed trays you should let them grow to the height of about 10 cm before you transplant them into the open fields. it is also best to plant them out in the late evening that way they can rest during the night and not have to burn in the sun.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Growing cabbages in Botswana

Today i am going to talk a bit about growing cabbages here in Botswana as a source of income. and the reason for growing cabbages over other vegetables such as tomatoes is really very simple. 1 cabbages are very hardy and do well in most of the soils found here in Botswana. 2 cabbages are a popular vegetable and so you will have a market as soon as you harvest. 3 cabbages are ready for harvesting in three months and under and that means that you will be able to get more sets of crops from your land per year then you would if you were growing onions or some other vegetable. 4th the price of cabbages hovers around 8 pula and 12 pula each at times rising as high as 25 pula per cabbage! and so i am sure you can see why cabbages are the the crop to grow. feel free to leave questions in the comments for more information on growing cabbages in Botswana click Here

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Make money small scale Farming in Botswana Part 1

Make money small scale Farming in Botswana

The first step to take when farming with making money in view is to consider your markets that you will be supplying. Because it is of no value to grow thousands of hectares of fresh produce if you don’t have a market, so take a look at the market before you start planting.
For example
1 super market’s (Tomatoes carrots Cabbages Green peppers) go talk to all manages of the shops and find out what they wish to source locally.   
2 local markets (spinach rape tomatoes butter nut cabbages)
3 safari lodges (much the same as super markets but of high quality)
Then you want to consider the quantity.
For example super markets are not interested in ten bags of tomatoes they will be looking for twenty bags a week so always keep in mind you need to have Consistency - quantity and quality    
Well that’s all for part one for questions please leave a comment 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

An introduction to vegetable farming in Botswana

well hello and welcome to Vegetable farming Botswana. As more and more people in Botswana are turning to farming there is a great need for free advice and help so that the up and rising farmer can succeed in his or her farming venture, and so as a farmer myself here in Botswana i have decided to write an e.how as it were on farming in Botswana. so if you have any questions about farming in Botswana please leave a comment and follow an i will get to work on it as soon as possible. enjoy