Thursday, 7 April 2016

Growing swiss chard vegetable farming

Growing swiss chard vegetable farming

Hello once again,
Today i am going to be laying out a few tips on growing Swiss chard some call it spinach although it is actually very different from real spinach. However before that, first of all i just want to say a big thank you to all of you who have subscribed/followed, really appreciate it, we are slowly growing.

How to growing Swiss chard?

(1) Prepare the soil first

Although Swiss chard are by no means fussy about the type of soil that they will grow in, you will not be disappointed with your results if you spend some quality time on soil preparation first.
The ultimate soil type would be a rich organic filled loose, moisture retaining soil, so add lots of compost, or organic animal waste, See the danger of using chicken manure here

(2) planting depth

Plant the seeds about 1 too 1.5cm deep, use fresh seeds since old seed often gives bad results. You will notice that each seed is often not one seed but rather a small cluster of 2 or 3 seeds. Hence when the seeds sprout you may need to thin out the unwanted extras,  i like to space Swiss chard out in rows of about 15 by 30 cm apart,

(3) Watering

Basically keep the soil moist yet not soggy, you should not see standing water or be able to squeeze water out of the soil,

(4) Harvesting

You can start harvesting as soon as the young leaves are of a size worth eating, lots of people harvest by cutting the tops off with a knife, this is not to be recommended, Swiss chard is harvested leaf by leaf by twisting the leaf at the base and pulling up, the harvester should go from plant to plant removing the biggest three or four leaves from each plant, and allowing the smaller leafs to grow for the next harvest, this way your plants will give a good supply of swiss chard for up to five months

Well thats, that for today thanks for stopping by

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