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How to grow carrots, vegetable farming Botswana

Winter crop one, carrots

Ok so yesterday i posted a post talking about Our best winter garden, and on what grows best in winter, and one of the vegetable's i mentioned was carrots, so lets talk carrots!!

So carrots are not a difficult crop, they do need a little work especially in the beginning, however once they up and about a month old they really don't need much attention apart from regular watering and weeding.

One of the important things when growing carrots is to remember that at the end of the day a carrot is a root vegetable and the quality of your crop at harvest is going to depend on how good your soil and watering was,


When growing carrots you want a nice deep loose stone free soil you also don't want clay. You want your soil to be nice and sandy with a mix of about half sand half compost so that in the end your soil will been nice and soft allowing you to grow nice long and straight carrots and also your soil should be able to drain water nicely if the water sits in puddles with out drainig your carrots may split.


Carrot's need good watering otherwise they become bitter of course to much water can make the carrots crack.


In the first four weeks you will need to thin your carrots out to be about 3cm to 4cm apart.


If the weather is cold carrots can take up to 3 weeks to germinate so add a few radish seeds in your lines that way you will easily see your lines and as the radishes come up they make it easier for the more delicate carrot's to germinate.

Ok so thats carrots. Thanks for reading. Also one of you readers just dropped me a email with a few questions will get to it soon.

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