Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Garlic farming Botswana, step one.

Garlic farming Botswana, step one.

First of all if you have not read the introduction to garlic farming Botswana you can read it Here

Ok so here is step one!
When it comes to farming Garlic here in Botswana, your first question is no doubt where do i buy garlic seeds from? Well the good news is that you dont need seeds! Although garlic can be grown from seed, the most common method is to use the garlic cloves for planting, so basically you just have to go into your. Nearest supermarket and buy your self some garlic, when choosing your garlic cloves for planting keep these points in mind.

1. Choose garlic that is fresh, the garlic you choose should be firm and plump NOT soft and hollow,

2. Choose the type of garlic, you will notice some garlic is bigger some are more compact others are even redish in colour, rember what you plant is what you will get.

Step two coming soon, please feel free to leave questions in the comments.

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